Highlands Botanical Garden: A Naturalist's Guide
Highlands Botanical Garden: A Naturalist's Guide
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Highlands Botanical Garden: A Naturalist's Guide

The Highlands Biological Station is pleased to announce the release of “Highlands Botanical Garden: A Naturalist’s Guide.”  Featuring the photographs of Ralph M. Sargent, a founder and ardent champion of the Highlands Botanical Garden, A Naturalist’s Guide is the first-ever guide to the garden, with maps, historical overview, and profiles of a generous selection of its hundreds of native plants.  Not so much identification guide as botanical celebration, this commemorative Botanical Garden volume introduces readers to little-known aspects of our native plants, from the backstory to their names to their ecology and natural history.  This book is a must for the botanically curious and is also a great way to support the Highlands Biological Station and Foundation.

Come by the administrative office, 265 N. 6th St. in Highlands, to purchase your copy!

Thank you to Lydia Sargent Macauley, Dr. James Costa, Leslie Costa, and Max Lanning for your hard work on and dedication to “Highlands Botanical Garden: A Naturalist’s Guide.”

Cost: $30.00 + shipping.

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